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Dell Technologies Data Storages

Powering Business Growth with Scalable, Intelligent Storage
Dell’s midrange storage solutions deliver scalable, high-performance, and intelligent storage for medium businesses and enterprises. With unified and SAN arrays supporting a range of drive types and capacities up to petabytes, they provide reliable data services, data protection features, and seamless integration for virtualized environments and critical applications.
Front view of a Dell PowerStore storage system with multiple storage arrays visible. This system is part of M-Link's modern data solutions, featuring a sophisticated black and gray design with the PowerStore logo displayed prominently

Dell Technologies PowerStore Series

Intelligent, adaptable storage for block, file, virtual volumes (vVols) and container workloads.
Front view of a Dell Unity XT storage system, prominently displaying its dense array of hard drive bays and distinct blue and black design, used in M-Link's advanced data storage solutions

Dell Technologies Unity XT Series

Unified hybrid storage arrays for general-purpose workloads, on-premises and in the cloud.
Dell EMC PowerVault ME5 Series Storage

Dell Technologies PowerVault ME5 Series Storage

The PowerVault ME5 Series is a new generation entry-level block storage that delivers high-performance and increased capacity and optimization for SAN & DAS environments to accomodate medium-sized business needs.

Everything your customers need to unlock the value of their data

Deliver the scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration your customers need to unlock the value of their data. Accelerate critical workloads from core to edge to cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers offers balance and scalability across applications

Transformational Performance

Accelerate workloads with high IOPS, low latency storage powered by innovative software designs
Dell EMC PowerVault Storage with Flexible Architecture

Flexible Architecture

Help companies thrive in the switch towards self-optimising tiered storage solutions that adapt seamlessly
Dell EMC PowerSwitch with End-to-end Solutions

Future-Proof Value

Drive down TCO with cost-saving automation, broad ecosystem integrations and world-class support services

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