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Dell Technologies PowerEdge Rack & Tower Servers

The world’s best-selling servers with the highest performance for diverse workloads
Dell Technologies PowerEdge Servers provide the best private to public server integration services that are easily adaptable, manageable, and scalable to meet a business’ or corporation’s IT workload requirements.

Dell Technologies PowerEdge Rack Servers

Build data centers one rack at a time, suitable for growing SMEs
Connect your clients to a complete range of one, two, or four-socket rack servers designed to accelerate application performance and ensure network security throughout its entire server lifecycle.
Dell EMC PowerEdge One Socket Rack Servers R240

One-Socket Rack Servers

One-socket (single CPU) rack servers offer a cost-effective balance between performance and storage capacity to make IT easy. Designed to easily grow and evolve businesses to their best capacity.

15th Gen

16th Gen

Dell EMC PowerEdge Four Socket Rack Servers R840

Four-Socket Rack Servers

Four-socket (four CPU) rack servers are the workhorses of the data center, offering the highest performance for the most demanding workloads like data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

16th Gen

PowerEdge Rack Servers: The Bedrock of the Modern Data Center

PowerEdge rack servers provide the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads. They’re designed to speed deployment and improve application performance for database, high-performance computing, and virtualisation environments. As workloads and workplaces become more complex, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to have end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly. Powerful, simplified and automated OpenManage tools help manage large clusters easily and effectively, while robust security is built into the servers to protect from malicious activity.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers offers balance and scalability across applications


No-compromise scalability and a balance of compute and memory maximised performance across a wide range of applications.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers offers management automation


Intelligent automation simplifies server management from deployment to retirement.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers ensures security at every phase


Integrated security is built into hardware and firmware from the start for protection at every phase of the server lifecycle.

Dell Technologies PowerEdge Tower Servers

PowerEdge Tower Servers: Make IT Easy
Available in a range of sizes, from mini-towers to rack-capable platforms, PowerEdge tower servers offer the performance, versatility, and quiet operations that are ideal for small, large, and remote offices.
Dell EMC PowerEdge One Socket Tower Server T140

One-Socket Tower Servers

One-socket (single CPU) tower servers offer a cost-effective, entry-level solution for businesses migrating to servers from PCs or laptops. Designed for core office workloads, like file sharing, print, point of sale, and database applications

15th Gen

16th Gen

Dell EMC PowerEdge Two Socket Tower Servers T640

Two-Socket Tower Servers

Two-socket (dual CPU) tower servers offer a deeper variety of features to accommodate high performance applications like web serving, consolidation, and virtualisation. They include more cache and speed, as well as the flexibility for expansion and additional processors.

15th Gen

16th Gen

PowerEdge Tower Servers: Make IT Easy

PowerEdge tower servers are built to solve the challenges of the modern office environment. Featuring quiet, non-disruptive acoustics, and compact form factors, tower servers are available in one-socket configurations for everyday business applications, as well as two-socket options for more advanced computing, virtualisation, and power-hungry workloads. All tower servers are easily deployed, managed, and automated with Dell Technologies OpenManage tools.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers is cost-efficient and stays within budget

Cost efficient

Manage expenses and stay within business budgets by leveraging servers that keep SME’s in step with the latest technology.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers ensures simplicity


Reduce unnecessary complexity in IT infrastructures with servers that are easy to use, manage, and maintain.
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers ensures security at every phase


Ensure data protection with a cyber-resilient architecture, featuring security built into every step of the server lifecycle.

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