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Dell Financial Services

Flexible consumption for an on-demand world
Dell Technologies On Demand offers companies and organisations the freedom of choice in the way they consume technology and budget for IT spending. Give your clients the ultimate flexibility in how workloads are enhanced to meet exact specifications, and a peace of mind knowing that Dell products are more trusted to deliver predictable outcomes.

Take Control of Your Data Center

Whether building your SDDC from the ground up or looking for ways to evolve and scale quickly, Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers and VMware offer the flexibility you need to meet the most demanding business and technology requirements. Dell Technologies and VMware work together to make your infrastructure simple, more efficient, and secure. Our solutions help businesses achieve the three pillars of modern data centers.

Pay as You Grow

Make predictable payments over an agreed upon term – and grow over time.

Pay as You Use

Make monthly payments based on variable usage – elastically upgrade or downgrade plans according to monthly needs.

Pay as a Service

Let us manage the technology infrastructure – businesses or individuals pay for resources as they are consumed.

Dell Technologies On Demand Portfolio

Flexible Payment Solutions

Designed for optimal financial outcomes
Flexible consumption models that scale to align spending with usage and optimise financial and technology outcomes. These are available predominantly via Dell Financial Services (DFS), a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions.

Value-added Services

Backed by proven processes and best practices
A range of specialised services – from deployment to support to managed services – that can be bundled in various ways and paired with the right financial consumption models best suited to satisfy unique requirements.

Integrated Full-stack Solutions

Built for diverse operating environments and workload requirements
Optimised infrastructure solutions with all the modern, innovative capabilities needed to excel under the demands of virtually any application or workload.

Leading End-to-end Portfolio

Backed by proven processes and best practices
Recognised as a leading provider of innovative infrastructure and workforce solutions, Dell Technologies On Demand addresses the entire IT ecosystem and serves the diverse needs of organisations of all sizes.

Why Dell Technologies On Demand?

Dell Technologies On Demand delivers the industry’s broadest end-to-end portfolio of consumption-based and as-a-Service solutions ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and services are consumed in today’s on-demand economy.
Freedom of Choice with Dell Financial Services

Freedom of Choice

Select from a wide range of consumption models, payment solutions and services
Dell Financial Services Optimised flexibility for any environment

Ultimate Flexibility

Optimise for diverse operating environments, technology landscapes and workloads
Predictable Outcomes with Dell Financial Services

Predictable Outcomes

Consume infrastructure in new ways to realise cost-savings and business advantages
Flexible payment solutions for the technology businesses need
Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions. DFS supports all customers, from small businesses up to the largest global corporations.
With DFS, your clients can finance any hardware, software and services solutions, allowing them to choose how they want to consume their technology.

Payment & Consumption Solutions Portfolio

Pay as You Go

Immediate technology acquisition paid for over time
Pay for a period of time to access technology with the option to purchase through predictable payments that ease budgets.

Pay as You Use

Flexible consumption for managing variable workloads
Datacenter Utility aligns costs directly to usage, allowing businesses or individuals to maximise scaling flexibility while only paying for what they use.

Why Leverage Payment Solutions?

Dell Financial Services (DFS) innovative payment solutions for hardware, software and services, allowing organisations to align and scale the cost of IT solutions based on technology consumption and budget availability.
Optimise Payment Solutions with Dell Financial Services

Optimise Payment Solutions

Our trusted advisors can tailor one or more of our payment solutions to the needs of growing SMEs.
Ease Budget Constraints and Expenses with Dell Financial Services

Ease Budget Constraints

Reduce capital expenses and free up budgets for digital transformation with flexible payment solutions.
Increase Efficiency with Flexible Payment Transactions by Dell Financial Services

Increase efficiency

Unlike a cash purchase, flexible payment transactions are more fluid. Infrastructure becomes more nimble, and grows when needed without relying on a fixed, capital budget or line item approvals.

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