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Solutions – Dell Technologies VDI Complete


Dell Technologies VDI Complete

Plug in, power up, and provision in record time
A collection of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Ready Architectures that bring together leading technologies from across the Dell ecosystem including Dell Technologies vSANs Ready Nodes, VMware Horizon, and Horizon Apps, as well as add‑ons such as Dell Wyse thin clients. This solution is optimised to allow users to get a full desktop or app virtualisation environment up and running faster and streamline day‑to‑day operations.

Dell Technologies Ready Architectures for VDI

Enhance productivity with secure virtual desktop solutions
A range of end‑to‑end VDI architectures to suit different needs. All these architectures are supported by detailed technical documentation and thousands of hours of lab testing, guaranteeing predictability, scalability, and an excellent end‑user experience.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers a Secure Environment with Sensitive Data

Secure Environments

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) trends see more devices and sensitive data are out of direct IT control, increasing the risk for data theft, virus, and malware. Dell Technologies offers security from the data center all the way to the endpoint, to protect devices against cyber threats.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Empower Workforces

Empower Workforces

Transform the workplace by enabling BYOD and mobility to enhance user collaboration and productivity. Workforce productivity increases when employees can securely access their desktops and applications from their chosen device at the times and places they choose to work.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Reduces Operation Costs

Reduce Operation Costs

Streamline infrastructure procurement and speed up deployment, so IT teams can achieve working solutions quicker than with “build your own” environments. With Dell Technologies Ready Architectures for VDI, you can make one call to Dell Technologies for help with hardware or software issues, from data centre to endpoint.

Dell Wyse Thin Clients

Transform the workplace into a virtualised workspace with accelerated cloud strategies for enhanced virtual workspaces with intelligent unified management and ultimate security solutions.

Why Choose Wyse

Built to fit any cloud client computing environment.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers High Performance For Users

Smarter, Faster End-user Experiences

Strong security features, high-speed connectivity to attach a broad range of peripherals and support for multiple displays and popular collaboration tools deliver a productive user experience day after day.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers Optimised Management

Intelligent, Unified Management

Certified with leading VDI brokers, including VMware, Citrix & Microsoft, Wyse thin clients and software are optimised to deliver a faster time-to-value and fully leverage the incredible flexibility and scalability of any cloud computing environment.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers Security for the Modern Worker

Security for the Modern Worker

End-to-end security starts at the endpoint. Designed with security in mind for limited attack surface support in security compliance standards and advanced multi-factor authentication solutions.

Enable Work Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device, for Any Application

Dell Technologies helps resellers deliver the latest VDI technologies to their customers, no matter where they are or what they do. With years of experience delivering first-class user experience, Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to solve the challenges end-users face when deploying virtual desktops.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers Easy Access

Access Anywhere

Maintain access to desktops and applications no matter where users are. VDI allows users to run applications or full desktop anywhere, on any device.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers Security to Protect Sensitive Data


Allow users to access and interact with sensitive data without ever crossing the corporate firewall. VDI with Dell Technologies helps companies maintain security without sacrificing productivity.
Dell EMC VDI Complete Offers High Performance For Users

High Performance

Provide beyond workstation level performance for critical users wherever they are. NVIDIA GRID technology allows users to use as much or as little resources as they need.

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