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Solutions – VMware and SDDC Solutions


Dell Technologies and VMware
(SDDC Solutions)

Choose Your Path to Hybrid Cloud
Wherever your clients are on their journey, guide them to where they need to be with Dell Technologies PowerEdge™ servers and VMware. Deliver consistent cloud operations and a modern end-user experience to their stakeholders across core, cloud and edge. From silicon to cloud, Dell Technologies co-engineers systems with VMware for a secure foundation to the transformation of apps, services, and experiences at the center of their digital future.
Dell VMware and PowerEdge Servers

Protect daily operations.
Enhance profitability.

A complete solution
From chip to hardware to VM, Dell Technologies and VMware work together to ensure the performance, efficiency, and security of your infrastructure deliver value to your bottom line.

VMware Cloud on Dell Technologies

Simplify Business IT infrastructure while enabling the remote workforce
An on-premises, fully-managed Data Center as-a-Service solution available via subscription. The solution is a combination of the latest VMware Cloud infrastructure software and Dell Technologies VxRail hardware. Let businesses and organisations focus on innovation and growth with full control of their workloads by deploying modern hyperconverged infrastructure across on-premises datacenters, edge and co-locations.
Simplify Operations with Dell Technologies and VMware

Simplify Operations

Offload everything including initial deployment, patching, upgrades of the software and hardware, and monitoring.
Innovate Faster with Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions

Innovate Faster

Developing infrastructure that supports business growth instead of routine maintenance services.
Control Costs with Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions

Control costs

Benefit from a predictable cost model as well as resource transparency.
Dell Technologies and VMware Mitigate Risks while Retaining Control

Mitigate Risk

Retain greater control of on-premises IT environment, while meeting regulatory and industry standards. Compliant with ISO, CCPA, EU GDPR, and SOC-2.
Move Workload Easily with Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions

Easily move workloads

HCX-based workload migration gives you flexibility to move workloads to any able host, and provides continuity between applications and workloads running in two locations.

Take Control of The Data Center

Whether it’s helping clients build their SDDC from the ground up or looking for ways to evolve and scale quickly, Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers and VMware offer the flexibility clients need to meet the most demanding business and technology requirements. Dell Technologies and VMware work together to make business IT infrastructure simple, more efficient, and secure. Our solutions help businesses achieve the three pillars of modern data centers.
Adapt From Edge to Core to Cloud with Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions

Adapt From Edge to Core to Cloud

Establish an agile, reliable, future-ready environment with faster time-to-value.
Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions Provides Automation Across Environments

Automate Across Environments

Eliminate human error, free skilled resources for strategic projects, and speed time-to-value.
Accelerate and Protect Workloads and Data with Dell VMware and SDDC Solutions

Accelerate and Protect Workloads and Data

Enhance application performance and reduce risk by delivering the services and insights you need, when and where you need them

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